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Top 10 Reasons to host your site with Baystatehost

  1. Happy Customers - We will focus on every customer's need no matter what it is and to make all customers satisfied with our product and service.  We always look to improve services and their quality.  That is why we have so many satisfied and happy customers.  A lot of our customers bring in others that host on our network.

  2. Affordability - We are one of the most affordable professional web hosting services on the internet today.  We strive to give the best price for performance indexes in the industry.

  3. Performance - We offer great speed and uptime.  We provide 99.99% uptime on all servers and webhosting plans.

  4. Contracts - We do not require customers to sign contracts.  You may opt to pay for one year instead of quarterly, but we do not require that a customer stay with us at any time.  We offer them versatility and scalability.

  5. No Hidden Charges - We do not hide any fees unlike many overpriced providers.  We provide an honest service that will be with you for the long haul.

  6. Support - We are very responsive via email and phone for issues with your technical problems with the servers.

  7. More support - Baystatehost has been an e-commerce consulting group since 2001 with great experience in the industry of webhosting.  We have had experience with development and hosting sites for many years and our staff has been trained in the most current technologies.

  8. Infrastructure - We do not over utilize servers like most web hosting companies.  We have QA specialists and administrators that observe and monitor server performance daily.  We offer the best service for the price currently on the market.

  9. Trust - We are not a company about numbers, but rather about our customers trusting us with their future.  We will strive to build relationships with our customers in order to improve over all quality of service.

  10. Application Expertise - We offer several application expertise and configuration packages that we keep expanding month to month because we keep growing.  Baystatehost is here to serve you.

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