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Affordable Professional Website Hosting

Is your website currently being hosted by your ISP? 

Sometimes, a "one stop shopping" approach may not be your best choice, especially when a "specialist" can do the job better and more economically.

Internet Service Providers host websites as a SECONDARY service to their customers.  They actually DO NOT want high traffic websites on their servers because they tend to eat up bandwidth.  This upsets their internet access customers (their PRIMARY business), because of slowdowns caused by this bandwidth bottleneck.  And, for the same reason, your customers who visit your website may experience slow load times, or worse, during peak access times your website may not even be "available" at all!  What kind of message does that send to your customers?

BayStateHost is NOT an ISP.  We are dedicated to hosting your website and nothing else - that is our PRIMARY business.  When you host with us, your website will be accessed over our multiple OC48 lines.  This allows us to provide your website with incredible bandwidth, and your customers will experience access and load times not possible by hosting on servers that are shared with your local ISP's primary business customers.

We guarantee 99.99% up-time.  And we are competitively priced.  We do not need to discourage your web hosting business by over-charging you in order to favor our primary business, because YOU ARE our primary business.

Please read over our list of features and ask yourself if your present hosting company can do as much for you.  If the answer is no, then you are ready to experience web hosting as it should be.

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